Top 5 best LED Grow Lights Trending in 2017

LED indoor lights have become a very popular choice for modern day farmers and users. People trust the technology to generated artificial light and heat for theplant to grow and develop. If you are planning to invest in a LED light this year too; you surely are making a wise choice. However, choosing best LED grow lights is no easy task. You have to ponder upon many features and characteristics. In this review below, we talk about everything that makes a LED indoor grow light worthy of investment. Moreover, we also review the top 5 best lights that are ruling the global markets in 2017.

What isbest LED grow lights?

You would have guessed this much by its name that LED grow lights are LED power generated lights. The purpose of these lights is to work indoors for growing plants, vegetation, and crops for modern day farmers. These lights incorporate the latest technology and produce controllable light that has a cooling effect instead of generating hot HPS heat. LED lights come with controllable heat and run at different power voltages.

Benefits of best LED grow lights

As far as urban lifestyle and modern day farming are concerned, LED lights have become a popular choice for users these days. These lights utilize modern and updated technology to produce heat-free light that facilitates the production and growth of plants and crops. There are many highlight benefits of best LED grow lights for indoor use. We have overviewed the most prominent advantages of these lights for customer convenience.

  1. Increased lifespan

The first benefit of best LED grows lights is that it comes with an increased lifespan in comparison to other ordinary sub-standard lights. Normally illuminated lights work up to only 5 years of standard usage. However, the LED indoor lights work up to 100,000 hours on constant usage. This means that this investment in LED lights will be secure for more than 11 years of constant usage. This is definitely a huge advantage of this product.

  1. Energy saving capacity

The one highlight feature that is also a benefit of the LED lights for indoor use is energy saving capacity. These lights have been designed to be energy efficient to promote the greenhouse effect. The main purpose of the creation of these lights was to promote a healthier and safer environment where the energy resources were used effectively.

  1. No heat generation

Another highlight benefit of LED indoor grow lights is that they are designed to produce more light rather than heat. Studies reveal that whilst the sunlight is crucial for plantation growth, the heat of the sun has damaging effects on the plants, vegetables, and fruits. On the other hand, these LED lights produce light that facilitates plant production but does not generate any heat that would damage or reverse the growth rate.

Best LED Grow lights: Brief Buyer’s Guide

There are many features that you will need to consider when you buy a superior quality LED light. It is best to have a checklist of essential features ready and sorted right from the start prior to you begin the shopping process. Here is a look at the important set of features that make any ordinary LED light superior and best.

  1. PAR

PAR is photosynthetic active radiation. This is the synthetic light that is given to the plant to grow. PAR is the measurement of the light that is provided to the plants to grow and cultivate. This is an essential feature because this is the only way you will be able to decide how much light is being given to the plants and what modifications you need to make. Light is though essential for plants to grow but moderation should be maintained nonetheless.

  1. Price

LED grow lights are a modern day invention and therefore, you should expect the price of the lights to be the same. The price starts from 100 USD and can go up to thousands of dollars per light bulb. However, the quality, performance, and durability of each light vary in accordance to the price that you pay for the product.

  1. Light Spectrum

The LED lights come with a wide range of light spectrum that promises light in different categories including white light and color light as well. With regards to full-range LED develop lights, there are two alternatives: white LED lights and those utilizing numerous shading groups. Advocates of every single white Led, assert they best surmised common daylight and are an ideal mix of HPS and MH light. Defenders of multi-band LED lights say white LEDs incorporate excessively light in the green and yellow range go. Since this light is not usable by plants, it goes to waste, making white LEDs less proficient.

  1. Product warranty

The product warranty for a high tech and modern product like high quality LED lights is everything. For one thing, the product warranty means that the investment you make in the product will be safe for a long time. It has already been talked about and is no secret the LED lights are actually pricey. Therefore, it is wise to pick a product that comes with a decent warranty so that your investment is secure in the long run. Moreover, product warranty will also promise free-of-cost repairs or exchange for the product in case of fault or damage. This otherwise would be very expensive to pay from the pocket.

Looking for LED grow lights 2017

There are no surprises if you are planning to invest in a high quality and durable LED grow light this year. After all, who isn’t? This product is definitely worthy of your investment because one it is a very long-term investment, for over more than 100,000 hours of constant usage. This means that you will not need to replace anytime sooner than a decade. Moreover, its offers great functionality and the credit is to the amazing features that it is facilitated with. Read on to find out all about the top best-LED lights that are ruling over the global markets this year.

best led grow lights

best led grow lights

Product 1:TaoTronics LED glow light bulb

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Product Description:

TaoTronics is a well-reputed and renowned brand of tech products that offers high quality products that promise durability and functionality. TaoTronics has recently introduced its high quality led grow light bulb and the product has gained immense popularity amongst the customers within a few days of coming out in the market. This LED light works miraculously well for both indoor and outdoor plants. Users have tried successfully these lights to grow many different plants, vegetables, and fruits including bell peppers, roses, tomatoes, kale, herbs, basil leaves, cucumbers, broccoli and spinach. The results have been very promising. The best thing about this LED light bulb is that it works for all sizes and types of plants and does not require a lot of space to function optimally. It can deliver high quality results even in the minimalist space. This light bulb emits different variations of wavelengths that work differently for chlorophyll production. This product by TaoTronics is being ranked as one of the best LED grow lights for 2017.

Product 2:Galaxyhydro LED indoor grow lights

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Product Description:

The Galaxyhydro 300 watts LED light provides professional quality light with higher varying spectrum. This product includes many prominent highlights features PAR value, aluminum cooling, heat sinks and cooling fans are also attached to the machine. This light bulb helps to facilitate the growth of plants, crops including vegetables and fruits. This 300 watts spectrum light has been developed after many years of experimentation and research. This product is ranked as one of the best LED grow lights because it comes with the manual choice between blue and red spectrum lights. The intensity of the heatless light generated can also be manually fixed according to the need.

Product 3:ViparSpectra 1200 Watt full-spectrum LED grow lights

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Product Description:

Vipraspectra is a very well-reputed and popular tech brand that has been producing a diverse variety of superior quality grows indoor lights. This model of the LED light comes with a powerful spectrum of light with aluminum cooling effects. Moreover, these lights have been developed to keep a well-maintained balance of high power PAR and lumen light. The light also provides reasonable coverage and does not come with any space restrictions. The best part about these lights is that it comes with a moderate cooling spectrum. It has been reported that the spectrum provides up to 70% deducted cooling effect. The Supreme 1000 watts battery is also a wonderful power backup support for the light.

Product 4:Galaxyhydro 300 Watts full spectrum LED grow lights

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Product Description:

The Galaxyhydro offers yet another superlative model of LED lights. The highlight of these lights is drastically higher PAR value, increased cooling effect, aluminum cooling and detachable cooling fans. Moreover, the spectrum of lights is manually adjustable and comes with Red and blue lights that facilitate the growth of aflower, vegetables, and other important crops. The PAR coverage for this product is 100% effective to cover a reasonable range of field; measuring up to 2 by 2 inches. The height dimensions of the field measure up to be 18 to 25 inches. This light promotes the pot growth culture and has drastically contributed to the development of modern farming and cropping.

Product 5: King LED king plus 600 watts double chip full spectrum LED lights

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Product Description:

The King LED king plus 600 watts double chip full spectrum LED lights is the light that has been generated with the latest and advanced technology. The double chip inbuilt setting of the LED light comes with superior bright and efficient light with a power of 600 watts. This light has been developed to be energy saving but this does not compromise on the power with which the LED light works. The light bulb has been developed to be energy efficient and saving. The lifespan of the King plus Led lights promises long life and durability. The full spectrum of lights covers a variety of color ranges including blue, red, white, Infrared and ultraviolet. This light bulb comes with an adjustable wavelength. To ensure that the light bulb does not overheat, it has a cooling fan fixed on its either sides as well. The cooling effect ensures that the light generated is of optimal intensity but does not cause any overheating. The no heat generation is a prominent feature of this light bulb that promotes plantation growth without causing any damage.

Final Verdict

Looking for best LED grow lights is seemingly a difficult thing to do but can be made easy for the customers if they know what they need to do to buy the perfect one. LED lights are a modern-day invention and have been solely created to facilitate modern men for cultivating and growing plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. The motivation behind these lights is to work inside for developing plants, vegetation, and products for advanced agriculturists. These lights join the most recent innovation and create controllable light that has a cooling impact as opposed to producing hot HPS warm. Driven lights accompanied controllable warmth and keep running on various power voltages.In this review, we have talked about everything that is essential to be on the checklist to buy a LED light bulb.

We have reviewed and compared the best LED grow lights that are trending in the markets these days. These lights offer supreme functionality and performance and promise great looks and durability because of high quality materials as well. We are hopeful that after going through our review, you will be able to buy the best-LED light in a price range that is affordable to you. It is important that you know how to pick a product that suits your needs best – only you can make that decision!